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Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

12 November 2020

Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

Ekosistem Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve

01 July 2020

Bashkëpunimi i 4 vendeve të rajonit për krijimin e një Ekosistemi Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve - Projekti S.W.A.N, i...

Udhëzime për të kontribuar në Ditarin e Natyrës

09 June 2020

Instituti për Ruajtjen e Natyrës në Shqipëri mirëpret artikuj të ndryshëm të cilët ju dëshironi t’i publikoni në Ditarin e...

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27

27 May 2020

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27” Hyrje Rrugëtimi...


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logoDear visitors! The Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania – INCA wants to gives its contribution to the efforts and activities undertaken for the protection of natural environment and biodiversity in Albania and in the region. We are really pleased you are visiting our web site and we will welcome any comment or suggestion to improve the quality of its content sent to us. Thank you and have a nice visit!.
Climate change is severely threatening the Mediterranean coast – the sea level rises and the water is warming while changing storm patterns impact the lives of more than a third of the region’s population – some 180 million people. Albanian coast is no exception. Each year, Mediterranean countries celebrate ‘Coast Day’ to raise awareness of the importance of coastal areas…
Tirana - 08-11 / 07/2019 - In the framework of the implementation of the Blue Land project, a seminar was organized on 10 and 11 July 2019 for the presentation of indicators and monitoring frameworks for the implementation of this project in each designated areas in Italy, Albania and Montenegro. This seminar is a continuation of work for the classification…
A look through photos and videos of details that bring in a unique view the natural, cultural and socio-economic values ​​of the Porto Palermo area, a selected area to co-manage with the local community to preserve these values ​​and to develop they steadily. Photo and video setups were realized within the Blue Land project in the Porto Palermo area on…
Meeting local actors in Porto Palermo, organized by INCA technical staff to discuss the ecosystem services the area offers, to share objectives and identify priorities for the area in order to define this area as a land area Blue where we will apply the model of co-management of marine and coastal areas with the participation of the local community. The…
Environmental Civil society organisations at risk! Genti Kromidha, INCA president is participating at a side event organised during the Regional Conservation Forum of IUCN in Rotterdam, sharing ideas about the challenges of ECSOs in Albania and ways forward to improve their involvement in a constructive dialogue with decision makers. The Regional Forum for Nature Conservation started! Every four years, the…
Albania has a high biological potential and diversity, but it is suffering huge damages which in many cases are irreversible. The sustainable management of natural resources in Albania has not yet been properly integrated into national and local policies. Environmental Civil Society Organizations (ECSOs should play an active and effective role in the planning and implementation of nature conservation measures…
Kruja - From media co-operation throughout the project implementation, it is evidenced that the Media is interested in the process of EIA and SEA in Albania, especially for the impacts that different projects have on the environment both in nature and in socio-economic terms. Based on their expression of engagement in concrete cases presented through findings and observations of CSOs…

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