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Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

12 November 2020

Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

Ekosistem Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve

01 July 2020

Bashkëpunimi i 4 vendeve të rajonit për krijimin e një Ekosistemi Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve - Projekti S.W.A.N, i...

Udhëzime për të kontribuar në Ditarin e Natyrës

09 June 2020

Instituti për Ruajtjen e Natyrës në Shqipëri mirëpret artikuj të ndryshëm të cilët ju dëshironi t’i publikoni në Ditarin e...

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27

27 May 2020

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27” Hyrje Rrugëtimi...


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logoDear visitors! The Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania – INCA wants to gives its contribution to the efforts and activities undertaken for the protection of natural environment and biodiversity in Albania and in the region. We are really pleased you are visiting our web site and we will welcome any comment or suggestion to improve the quality of its content sent to us. Thank you and have a nice visit!.
June 8 - World Oceans Day -  Celebrated each year on 8 June since 2009, World Oceans Day is an opportunity to raise global awareness of the challenges faced by the international community in connection with the oceans. The lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe, the oceans are also a major source of food and…
“Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27”    Hyrje    Rrugëtimi i Shqipërisë në procesin e integrimit evropian ka qenë dhe mbetet i gjatë në kohë dhe përpjekje. Ai ka filluar me aplikimin për anëtarësimin në BE në 28 Prill 2009. Dialogu i vazhdueshëm politik dhe ekonomik midis BE-së dhe…
International Biodiversity Week is about connecting people to nature, communicating the importance of biodiversity and motivating people to play a role in protecting it. It is also used to show the fun and wonders that can be found in nature, which inspire people to learn more, to see more, to do more. May 18th also highlights the importance of traditional…
April 2020     -   Happy Earth Day As a day that serves to sound the alarm about the damage that humanity causes to nature and all its elements as well as to reflect and to be aware to ensure the protection of nature and to provide a safer planet for the living of all biological diversity, including humanity, pupils of…
March 2020    -  INCA, CELIM and AdRZM Berat, with the support of the ACAP Project, along with “22 Tetori” and “Zihni Toska” Schools in Berat, organized an event for the importance of protecting wild habitats and their role in nature. The kids also showed their work in nature conservation, by making paintings and exposing them. Some of these materials…
February 2020 - As part of the ACAP project, the Nonda Bulka School Permet organized an environmental education class with theme "Bredhi I Hotoves, Symbol of Life and Peace", during which the pupils created in their classroom a reflection of this National Park, even with elements collected from nature such as leaves and cones - In frame of ACAP project,…
The Mediterranean Sea in one of the hotspots of biodiversity for sharks , rajas and chimeras in the world, with around 86 species living in its water (47 sharks, 38 rajas and 1 chimera), meaning naerly 7% of cartilaginous fish in the world. Sadly , The Mediterranean Sea is considered one of the most dangerous places in the wolrd for…

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