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Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

12 November 2020

Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

Ekosistem Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve

01 July 2020

Bashkëpunimi i 4 vendeve të rajonit për krijimin e një Ekosistemi Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve - Projekti S.W.A.N, i...

Udhëzime për të kontribuar në Ditarin e Natyrës

09 June 2020

Instituti për Ruajtjen e Natyrës në Shqipëri mirëpret artikuj të ndryshëm të cilët ju dëshironi t’i publikoni në Ditarin e...

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27

27 May 2020

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27” Hyrje Rrugëtimi...


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Mission and Objectives

The INCA’s main goal is to facilitate and help the professional capacity building through training and participatory approach, safeguard of environment, conservation of the natural environment treasures and rural development in the country, protection of flora and fauna, the assessment of biodiversity, the management of protected areas, river basin management, raising awareness of the public and policy and decision makers, and undertaking conservation measures when possible and appropriate to protect species and their critical habitats.

The task of the Institute is also to link the nature conservation and biodiversity issues with all the other items or field of science that have an impact to the nature resources in Albania.  The Institute will also be part of the process for the improvement of the legislation in the country and other issues related to capacity building in Albania environmental institutions and of the European integration, aiming at the:

ü Increase and active participation of the human resources through encouragement of professional formation for nature and environment protection, on the basis of sustainable development and sustain use of natural resources;

ü  The cultural, scientific, technical and social education of community based on the national and international concepts, rules and standards.

ü  Harmonization of the human resources and their implication on the country development on the field of environmental protection, particularly on wild nature, and their employment, approach and integration with the EU countries. 

Also the Institute intend to:

ü serve in promoting the development of initiatives in the field of transfer technology,  the production rationalize and other service in the region and outside;

ü renovate the cultural tradition through activities in support of tourism development, social aspects, eco-tourism, agro-tourism, etc;

ü offer assistance, services, consultation and training to the public institutions, private enterprise, associations, etc, particularly for the assessment of the situation and implementation of new and recent technologies improving the condition of service and product realization;

ü  promote the activities in Albania and abroad aiming essentially in acquisition and appropriation of international rules and standards in the field of social services, energy efficiency, water resources management, environmental protection, etc;

ü  offering assistance and advising for the public and private sector in improving and controlling the law enforcement for the nature conservation, particularly of the protected areas;

ü  participate in European and international projects that are developed for the implementation of the programs in accordance with the objectives and aims of the association. 

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