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Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

12 November 2020

Albanian CSOs’ in the EU membership negotiation process

Ekosistem Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve

01 July 2020

Bashkëpunimi i 4 vendeve të rajonit për krijimin e një Ekosistemi Inovativ të menaxhimit të mbetjeve - Projekti S.W.A.N, i...

Udhëzime për të kontribuar në Ditarin e Natyrës

09 June 2020

Instituti për Ruajtjen e Natyrës në Shqipëri mirëpret artikuj të ndryshëm të cilët ju dëshironi t’i publikoni në Ditarin e...

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27

27 May 2020

Fuqizimi i kontributit të sektorit të shoqërisë civile në negociatat për anëtarësimin në BE për Kapitullin 27” Hyrje Rrugëtimi...


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The Institute of Nature Conservation in Albania –INCA is a Non-Governmental and non-profitable organization (NGO), established in July 2000, and registered as a charity by the District Court of Tirana in 16 July 2004, decision nr. 1087. The fiscal code of the Institute is K52409010O. The institute has its main office in Tirana, but it operates all over the country and in the region through its partner organizations.


INCA has its main office in Tirana, but operates with its staff at national level. The main office of the institute is located in Tirana in at the following address: Rr. Islam Alla, Pall. IVEA, Kati I. The office has more than 100 m2 with 10 working stations and a small meeting room for a maximum of 30 persons. The offices are equipped with all the necessary facilities including computers, photocopy, scanner, etc. The organization is leaded by a President that is the legal representative person, selected by the Administrative Council, composed by 5 persons that can be re-elected. The Council is elected by the General Assembly (including the President) and takes the main decision for the organization. The Council also selects the Executive Director that deal with the technical implementation process. The President of the Council is also the President of the organization. 


In order to achieve its main goals and objectives INCA has established the following responsible technical structure:

  • Nature protection & biodiversity;
  • Protected areas & Database;
  • Fresh water ecosystems;
  • Marine and coastal areas;
  • Project management;
  • Communication and web site;
  • Financial and economic unit;
  • Administration & documentation

The last section is dealing also with the support tasks, data gathering and documentation. Actually there are 9 persons working in the office. But INCA operates through its pool of experts of different fields working mostly in the universities and research institutions. At national scale, INCA has also an extended list of experts and contact person supporting the activities in the main cities of the country (about 30 experts).


From December 2009 INCA had been approved as a member of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and represent the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) in Albania having a continuous contact with their regional structure and also efforts for implementing joint projects. Since December 2008, INCA is also member of the Global Water Forum (GWF). From the last three years INCA is leading the network of the NGOs for “Nature Protection” that include for the moment 8 organizations placed in all the country.


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